Amazing Tools for Birth

Do you have a deep desire to achieve a natural unmedicated childbirth but are frightened by the notion of childbirth pain?

Are you suspicious of childbirth hypnobirthing programs that promise "pain free" childbirth?

Are you ready to begin a hypnobirth program that delivers what it promises?

This great Home Study Course as featured in Fit Pregnancy Magazine, the E! Channel, episodes of "A Baby Story" and the Wall Street Journal is available as an MP3 download for $89.99 or as a collection of CDs for $139.95!  Both MP3 and CD packages include an instructional DVD. 

HypBirth's CD and DVD program comes with a money-back guarantee within One Year of purchase if you aren't completely satisfied.  Please note the downloadable program is non-refundable. 

"There is no other way to have a baby! HypBirth is magic! I felt in control the entire time. HypBirth allowed me to have the birth I had dreamed of and prepared for. The Hospital was in shock when I walked in at 9 centimeters feeling completely in control and having an effortless labor. Of all the people I know who wanted to have a natural childbirth, only the ones who used the HypBirth program did."

Amanda Silverman, owner of Glisten Boutique in Beverly Hills (first baby)